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Day of the National Flag of Ukraine

August 23 is the Day of the National Flag of Ukraine. This holiday dedicated to one of the main symbols of the country was established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 987/2004 of August 23, 2004.

On this day in 1991, a group of people's deputies brought the blue and yellow flag to the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada. 

The first historical mention of the blue and yellow flag in Ukraine dates back to 1256, the year Lviv was founded. Thus, the coat of arms of the city was an image of a yellow lion on a blue background.

From the XVII - XVIII centuries gold and blue colors were used on the flags of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. 

The combination of blue and yellow colors was finally formed as a single national color in the early XX century.

Thus, the first official recognition of the blue and yellow flag took place on March 22, 1918. Then the Central Rada passed a law approving the combination of yellow and blue as the flag of the Ukrainian People's Republic.

In independent Ukraine, the blue and yellow flag was approved as the official symbol of the state on January 28, 1992. The resolution of the Verkhovna Rada defined it as a flag of two equal size blue and yellow horizontal stripes, with a width-to-length ratio of 2:3.

According to the most popular version of the origin of the colors of the Ukrainian flag, blue represents a clear peaceful sky and yellow - golden fields of wheat.

Congratulations on the Day of the National Flag! Peaceful sky and bright hope, faith, and loyalty to yourself, your loved ones, and your Motherland, strong strength, and good memory of the glory of Ukrainians. Let the flag of Ukraine - the blue and yellow flag of freedom and unity of the Ukrainian people - fly proudly.

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