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Self-medication: how not to heal yourself to serious diseases

Self-medication: how not to heal yourself from serious diseases

The dangers of self-treatment are now warned almost at every step. Even the relevant law was adopted, according to which the advertising of medicines should contain a message with information about what will happen if you take the drug without consulting a doctor. However, neither the loud PR campaign of the Ministry of Health nor the sad experience of others has been able to influence the consciousness of Ukrainians, so we continue to slowly kill ourselves by prescribing medicines from bright brochures.

   Meanwhile, because people treat themselves, their bodies have become insensitive to most of the medicines that are now used by the medical industry. Therefore, if this unhealthy trend continues, there will be nothing to treat them.

In particular, antibiotics, hormonal, cardiovascular, and other drugs are used uncontrollably. Medicines are used without regard to their side effects, and the symptoms of diseases are underestimated.

   Uncontrolled intake of various sedatives and hypnotics often leads to memory impairment, decreased performance, and skin allergic reactions.

   If you take, for example, acetylsalicylic acid for a long time or in large doses, allergic reactions, and gastrointestinal bleeding appear.

   The human body reacts differently to the same medicines. And, as a result, some people become dependent on certain drugs due to overdose or uncontrolled use.

   And most importantly: every year in Ukraine there are up to 40 thousand reports of misuse of medicines that led to various side effects and among them about 100 deaths!


   Self-medication is dangerous and can lead to irreparable consequences over time.

   That is why the doctor, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the patient, his age, sex, body weight, heart condition, and nervous system, individually approaches the prescription of medicines, setting the dose and duration of treatment, trying to avoid the risk of side effects of drugs.

   Especially unacceptable uncontrolled medication for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. They can take certain drugs only with the permission of a doctor and in extreme cases.

   Sometimes patients, instead of going to the doctor, prefer to use medicines, including herbs, which were prescribed to their friends and relatives. This can not be done in any case! After all, herbal preparations usually have a multi-component composition, which is not thoroughly studied by pharmacists.

   The necessary medicines, we emphasize, the necessary medicines, you can get in the pharmacy network with a doctor's prescription after a comprehensive examination. Not all medicines are available on prescription. The list of over-the-counter medicines is available in every pharmacy. But before you buy them - consult your doctor, and strictly follow only his recommendations!


We wish you health!

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