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One-dome operational lamp

Information is published following the requirements of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 710 dated 11.10.2016

                                                           MEDICAL AND TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE SUBJECT OF PROCUREMENT

Single-dome operating lamp (EZS code DK 021:2015:33160000-9 - Equipment for operating units (code NK 024:2019:12282 - Operating lamp))

Name Quantity


Single-dome operating lamp

1 pc.




("Yes"/"No", with a mandatory reference to the page number of the manufacturer's technical document)

Single-dome operating lamp


The operating lamp must have a ceiling mount with the ability to rotate the dome



The operating lamp must be single-dome



The diameter of the dome of the lamp is not less than 62 centimeters



The total intensity of lighting is not less than 160 000 Lux



Availability of variable adjustable color temperature function, within the range of not less than 3 500 - 5 000 Kelvin



Availability of a control panel for adjusting all lamp functions, with digital indication and touchscreen display for displaying the set parameters



The LCD shall show the following indicators:

  • Light intensity indicator;
  • Color temperature indicator;
  • Color rendering index indicator



The LCD shall have touch buttons for adjusting (increasing/decreasing) the following parameters:

  • Light intensity adjustment;
  • Color temperature adjustment;
  • Adjustment of color rendering index;
  • Light spot adjustment.



Color rendering index within the range of not less than 85 - 98 Ra



The type of lighting elements must be LED



Lighting should be shadowless in different operating modes



The depth of penetration of lighting is not less than 70 centimeters



Ability to adjust the intensity of lighting, at least 5 steps of adjustment



The range of lighting adjustment is not less than 60 000 - 160 000 Lux



Diameter of the operating field in the range of not less than 12 to 35 centimeters



Rotation around the vertical axis is not worse than 360 º



The total number of LED lamps is not less than 72 pcs.



Laparoscopic mode of operation of the lamp



Voltage, 220V, 50/60Hz



Power, 120W



Availability of interchangeable sterilizable focusing handles



The life cycle of light elements is not less than 50 000 hours.



Type of illuminator unit: at least seven LED zones



The lamp mount consists of levers that provide a radius of action of the lamp of at least 1.5 m around its axis





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