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Public information access


Preparation and submission of requests for public information, whose manager is the "TMА of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region"


I. General Provisions

1.1. This procedure has been developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Access to Public Information" (hereinafter referred to as the Law), the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated May 5, 2011 N 547 "The issue of providing executive authorities to access public information" in order to create mechanisms for realization of the right of everyone to access. to public information.

The right to access public information is guaranteed to maximize the procedure for submitting a request for public information.
The manager of public information in accordance with the law is the "TMА of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Chernihiv region" (hereinafter referred to as "TMА").
1.3. Access to public information DO "TMА" is provided by providing information on requests for public information.
1.4. The requisers of public information in accordance with the law are physical, legal entities and associations of citizens without the status of a legal entity, except for the subjects of authority in their functions.
1.5. Relations in the field of appeals of citizens are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Appeal of Citizens".

II. Preparation and submission of requests for public information

2.1. The requestor has the right to apply to TMOs with a request for public information, regardless of whether it concerns this person in person or not, without explaining the reasons for submitting a request.
2.2. The request for public information may be individual or collective.
2.3. A request for public information is submitted to the "TMА" in oral or written form during personal reception, or by sending by mail, telefax, e-mail, or by phone to select the requester.
2.4. A written request for public information is submitted in an arbitrary form.

2.5. The information request must contain:

- surname, name, patronymic (name) of the requesting, a mailing address, or e-mail address, as well as a communication facility (if any);

- general description of information or species, title, details or content of the document, which has been requested if the requesting is known;

- Signature and date, provided that the written request is submitted.
2.6. In order to simplify the written request processing procedure, the requester can use the form to submit a request for public information (hereinafter referred to as the request form).
2.7. The query form is placed on the official website DO "TMА".

   2.8. The inquirer can fill in the request form directly on the TMА website.

2.9. In the form of the requesting request, it is possible to choose the answer form - by mail, telefax, by e-mail.
2.10. The request for information may be submitted by the requester personally to the structural subdivision (responsible person), which organizes in the established procedure Access to obtain public information, the manager of which is "TMO".
2.11. If for valid reasons (disability, limited physical capabilities, etc.), a person can not file a written request, its office worker with an indication of the surname, name, patronymic, contact phone in the request and provides a copy of the request to the person who filed it.

 2.12. At the request of the inquirer on the first sheet of the request copy of the request, a stamp is growing indicating the name (DU "TMА"), date of receipt and input request number. This copy returns the requesting.

III. Passing requests for public information

3.1. When receiving a request for public information to DO "TMА", employees of the Office:

Immediately recording the request and sent in accordance with the established procedure for further consideration by the leadership of the DU "TMА";

After considering the request by the leadership, TMАs urgently send the original request to the heads of structural units for implementation in accordance with the competence.

3.2. The answer to the request Structural units are prepared for four working days and are submitted to a signature of not less than a day before the expiration date.

3.3. If the information request information is required to protect life or freedom of person, information on the state of the environment, the quality of food and household items, accidents, disasters, dangerous natural phenomena and other emergencies that have occurred or can happen and threaten the security of citizens , The answer is provided within 48 hours from the date of receipt of the request.

3.4. If the request relates to a large amount of information or requires a search for information among a significant amount of data, the request for a request may be extended to 20 working days with the substantiation of such a continuation. The extension of the requestor is notified in writing not later than within five working days from the date of receipt of the request.


3.5. In the request, it refuses to such cases:

1) the information manager does not have and not obliged in accordance with its competence provided by the legislation, to have the information for which the request is made;

2) the requested information belongs to the category of limited access information in accordance with part two of Article 6 of the Law;

3) Not complied with the request for the information provided
part of the heel of Article 19 of the Law.

3.6. The structural unit that prepares a response to the request, provides a copy of the response after its registration to the DO "TMO".

The request can be filed:

on the postal address - Pr.-T Peace, 217, Chernihiv, 14029;
to the e-mail address - [email protected];
telefax - (04622) 5-65-24;
by telephone - (04622) 5-39-39;



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