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Oxygen generator

Technical requirements for the subject of procurement

The subject of the procurement: Oxygen generator (code DK 021: 2015 - 33150000-6 Equipment for radiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy, and physical therapy (33157800-3))

№ з/п

Name of the Goods Units of measurement Quantity


Stationary-type oxygen generator pcs.



№ з/п

Name of the parameter Value of the parameter


The proposed device should be designed to concentrate oxygen from the atmospheric air and supply it to the system of oxygen pipelines of the medical institution Availability


The proposed oxygen generator must generate oxygen by the method of short-cycle adsorption with pressure fluctuations Availability


The oxygen generator must provide an operating oxygen concentration in % not lower than



The generator shall consist of concentration modules that use PSA adsorption technology Availability


Receiver capacity, not less than

450 л


The oxygen generator must have an individual built-in air filtration system at the inlet to the concentration module Availability


The generator must be fully automatic and designed for continuous autonomous operation Availability


The generator must have a control and alarm unit with a touchscreen display Availability


The control unit must have a system of continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration at the outlet to the consumer Availability


The control unit must have a system for shutting off the oxygen supply to the consumer when the concentration drops below 90% with a programmable GSM notification system Availability


The control unit must have an audible failure warning system with a programmable GSM notification system Availability


The generator must have a control panel on which it is displayed: Availability


operation indicator Availability
graphic representation of the system with the display of the functioning of the components Availability
pressure and concentration trends Availability
pressure in the oxygen receiver Availability
alarm list Availability
automatic/manual mode of operation Availability
oxygen pressure in the adsorption cycle on columns with sorbent in the period (graphically) Availability
oxygen concentration, both in digital and graphical format with an accuracy of 0.1%
operating time counter Availability
drainage system testing Availability


The generator must have operating parameters not worse than



oxygen outlet pressure not less than

4,4 бар

oxygen flow at the outlet not less than

151 л/хв

nominal oxygen concentration not less than



The oxygen generator shall include a built-in filter set for air treatment and built-in silencers Availability


The generator kit shall include a buffer tank for the generated oxygen Availability


The power supply of the oxygen generator

220 В, 50 Гц, 1А


The power consumption of the generator is not more than:

0,15 кВт


Dimensions and weight of the generator not more than:

910 мм х 740 мм х 1910 мм – 440кг


Warranty period Not less than 12 months


User manual in the Ukrainian language Availability


Power of attorney of the manufacturer or its official representative in Ukraine to represent the interests of the manufacturer in Ukraine. Availability


The equipment must have service support in Ukraine:

- authorized by the manufacturer Service Center (confirmed by providing authorization from the manufacturer)

- service engineers (to be confirmed by a certificate/authorization from the manufacturer on the technical training of the engineer)



An oxygen generator is purchased to increase the production capacity of oxygen to the existing oxygen supply system. The oxygen supply system includes an AIRSEP oxygen generator model AS-G type Touch Screen, an oxygen receiver with a volume of 450 liters, two Atlas Copco air compressors model GA11FF complete with two air receivers for 270 liters and a ramp for 10 cylinders as a backup and emergency oxygen source.

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