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Support for self-rehabilitation after COVID-19-related diseases

Support for self-rehabilitation after COVID-19-related illnesses

The World Health Organization has prepared a guide with recommendations for self-recovery after coronavirus disease. The guide contains basic exercises and tips for adults who have been in serious conditions and hospitalized with a diagnosis of COVID-19.

It contains information on the following issues:

- what to do in case of shortness of breath;

- physical exercises after discharge from the hospital;

- what to do in case of voice problems;

- how to eat, drink and swallow;

- what to do when it is difficult to concentrate, think clearly or have problems with memory;

- how to perform everyday activities;

- how to cope with stress and mood problems;

- when to contact a healthcare professional.

The Ukrainian version of the guidelines can be viewed here:

View the leaflet "Support for self-rehabilitation after COVID-19-related illnesses"

The exercises and recommendations of the guide do not replace therapy and individual recommendations provided by a doctor, but complement them, allowing you to recover faster from the disease.

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