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Vaccination against COVID-19

The situation with coronavirus disease is currently under control, but we must be prepared for a further increase in the number of cases. One of the important stages of this preparedness is vaccination!

Currently, the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 1586 of 02.09.2022, which introduces important changes in vaccination against COVID-19, has come into force.

  • The basic course of vaccination against COVID-19 for adults aged 18 years and older can receive one dose of the Janssen vaccine or two doses of CoronoVac or Pfizer vaccines.

                 Booster (enhanced vaccine effectiveness) FOR ADULTS

  • Inactivated CoronoVac vaccine can be used as a booster vaccine after other vaccines. That is, if a person has received the basic course of Comirnaty, Moderna, or any other vaccine, they can receive a booster vaccination (both the first and second) with CoronoVac.     
  • The first booster vaccination should be given 5 months after the initial course to all people over 18 years of age (previously - 6 months).
  • The second booster vaccination should be given 4 months after the first to adults at risk of severe COVID-19. Other adults can receive a second booster vaccination if they wish.


  • Children aged 5-11 years are allowed to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Vaccination will be carried out with Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine.
  • Vaccination of children aged 12 years and older continues in Ukraine.
  • Ukraine is currently waiting for a vaccine that provides a different dosage for children aged 5-11 years than for children over 12 years and adults.

In Ukraine, it is allowed to simultaneously administer vaccines against COVID-19 and vaccines against other infectious diseases to children over 12 years old and adults.

This decision was approved by the order of the Ministry of Health of 20.06.2022 № 1067. From now on, during one visit to a medical institution, it will be possible to be vaccinated against several dangerous diseases at once.

Department of Infection Control (DIC) 29.09.2022.

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